Buying or selling your home is more than a dream.


Real estate dreams are realized with Dora’s enviable reputation for spirit, focus, and care. Her work is incomparable thanks to her understanding of clients' specific needs and desires is what makes her work incomparable. Dora’s competitive edge enables her to strategize clear plans for each of her clients.

About Dora 


It’s a matter of both patience and persistence.


Realtor Dora guides her clients through a purchase or sale with timely accuracy. Her incredible awareness and understanding of the emotions that are involved with this life change is the true factor of her successes.  



Purchasing a home is a big deal. Whether if it’s your first or your fourth house purchase, it requires cautious decision making with the help of a licensed realtor. There are eight crucial steps toward making the right real estate purchase.



Selling your home is a process. Without a responsible realtor, settling expenses is intimidating. Correctly evaluating the details of your listing correctly will maximize your potential profits and help you sell.



Pennsylvania and New Jersey-licensed Realtor Dora Johns is not limited to working with clients in her hometown of Mount Airy, Philadelphia. Her consultation services are popular throughout the Philadelphia region, also including the Main Line and Southern New Jersey.